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Sune' has supported me through two babies with her warmth, sound advice, guidance and humour. When I desperately needed a concrete plan and a realistic time frame, Sune' was amazing at making time to work with me. There is no gift better than the gift of sleep, for mums and babies, and Sune' is so wise when it comes to this. My first child was a complicated sleep case with colic like symptoms, Sune' first got to know all the tiny details, when she fed, what she slept in, what the sounds were, what her whole days routine was etc, and recommended the changes during the day that supported the nights.


My second baby was sleeping through the night 2 weeks after implementing Sune's advice, and he was just 3.5months old. I cant recommend her enough. She is compassionate, using phrases like "that's when the magic happens" and making every question feel like a good question. Her methods are based on science and years of practice.


THANK YOU, from a rested mum!

Nicole G.J.

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