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1 Hour Webinar - *** SLEEP***

(Available soon)

How to support your baby (6-18months) in improving their night-time sleeping patterns. This webinar discusses all the issues you may be facing as parents and aims to educate you on the developmental milestones, regressions and changes in routine that take place between the ages of 6 - 18 months.

2 Week Sleep Transition Course

(Available soon)

This course follows the journey of a single mother on her goal to get her co-sleeping 9 month old baby (who is exclusively breastfeeding up to 20 times a day) to transition from her bed and into his own room and crib. Follow the method and footage of what challenges we face day by day and have full access to the science based information and age appropriate routine that helps Ryan sleep through the night at the end of the two week journey. This is a course that aims to educate parents on how routine, developmental milestones and the sleep environment itself influence a baby’s ability to sleep through the night.

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