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Popular Maternity Nurses get booked up 5 to 7 months in advance. Once you have established that you would like to hire a MN, you would need to have a think about your family’s needs before finalizing the contract.


Typical contracts last as a minimum 4 weeks and can run up to 12 weeks or more. A basic 4 week booking can help a tired new mother recover from childbirth and help get her breastfeeding routine established. Longer bookings that last 8 to 12 weeks can be helpful in establishing a predictable feeding and nap schedule with the aim of having the baby sleep through the night by the time the MN finishes. A fulltime MN can be available 4 to 6 nights per week.


Finlizing the contract is the next step. Your MN would require a booking deposit of around 25 percent of the total fee upfront. This allows the Maternity Nurse to make herself available over your due date and not take any other bookings over that period. The remainder of the fee would be due 2 to 3 weeks before the booking is complete.

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