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Sune’ de Goede is trained as a Maternity nurse and post partum Doula. She started working in home based childcare 18 years ago and has lived and worked in the UK , the US , Europe and Asia. After the birth of her two children, Sune’ took a keen interest in early years development and studied to be a Montessori teacher. Currently based in Hong Kong, Sune’ takes on roles as a maternity nurse (working mostly nights) and supports families after bringing baby home from the hospital.

Her professional experience makes her valuable in developing structured routines that suit each family’s individual needs and being a mother herself, she fully understands how important it is for a family to have their baby develop good sleeping habits. Sune has collectively cared for, sleep trained and consulted on sleep with over 100 babies, including 10 sets of twins and 1 set of triplets.


Her method is gentle and mindful. There is so much change that takes place in a baby’s development, and thus also their routine during the first year of their life and she aims to apply a science based approach along with her practical knowledge and experience to bring about a positive change in your baby’s night time sleep.

Sune offers in person sleep training, or alternatively a

consult and coaching support package to help families]

who are struggling with:

-night time wakings

-early morning wake ups

-transitions from breast to bottle

-babies who need to be rocked or held to sleep

-broken or short daytime naps

-developing a more structured routine

-transitioning from co sleeping to a crib


Valeska en Mamma


~ Business & Hospitality Management - Advance Diploma (Leven 6-QCA) UK 2009

~Maternity Nursing Practitioner - (MNT: OCN OTC Level 3) UK 2009

~Certificate Stage II: Montessori Theory & Methodology (Level 4) UK Montessori Centre International 2016

~Doula & Birth Coach - Conscious birthing trained 

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